Phase I Environmental Site Assessments: What Are They and Why Do They Matter?

In the due diligence industry, one of the most common services is the Phase I Environmental Site Assessment.

What is a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment? A Phase I Environmental Site Assessment, commonly referred to as a Phase I ESA, is an investigation on a subject property that determines whether or not a potential or existing environmental liability exists on the property. A Phase I must be conducted under specific ASTM regulations, and must be conducted by an environmental professional who meets specific professional qualifications.

EBI Consulting has been one of the nation’s top Phase I ESA providers since its inception in 1989. Our nationwide team of scientists and engineers perform ESAs daily on all property types in the commercial real estate and telecommunications industries. Each year, EBI Consulting performs over 10,000 Phase I ESAs across the country, making up about 85% of our business. Our knowledgeable staff members are trained to follow and comply with ASTM guidelines to ensure proper consultation is given to each and every client.

If you are interested in learning about how EBI Consulting can help you with a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment, please contact us at or visit our website at

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