EBI Consulting Throwback Thursday

Everyone has different experiences and a different story to share.

When asked the question, “What advice would you give to your younger self?” many of our team members had inspiring responses.

Nolan Previte – President of Real Estate Services 

Nolan Previte

“Right around this time in my life, I received two pieces of advice from two great mentors that have served me very well.  The first was from Frank, our visionary CEO and my illuminating father, “Find one thing that you are good at, focus on it with all of your energy and might, and do not be distracted.”  I decided at that time that I was pretty good at selling and marketing professional services to the Real Estate Finance and Investment communities, and have stuck to it for the next 23 years, with pretty good results.  The second was from a local friend who opened and managed Lehman Brothers’ Boston office from the mid 1980’s for the next twenty years, and that was, “Do not let your work day end at 5 PM, every Monday through Thursday night, make sure you are with existing, new, or potential clients, and never stop learning, networking and building your business.”  Although I now have three young children and a wonderful wife, and more of a family and work balance to maintain, I still feel like I am losing an opportunity if I have free time during the week.”

Amanda Colby – Marketing Manager 

Amanda Colby

“I would tell my younger self to stress out less about grades and tests. Most of the important stuff you learn on the job. I should have spent more time enjoying the learning process!”

Dana McLaughlin – Project Scientist 

Dana McLaughlin

“Through the years you doubted that furthering your degree and getting your PG license would help in your career. Work experience is integral to crafting a well-rounded career, but it only can take you so far. In order to open up greater career opportunities, continued education is not only necessary, but it is also vital to career advancement.”

Ashley Brown – Regulatory Reporting Specialist 

Ashley Brown

“To keep working hard and to never stop. Embrace what you do and love whatever job you have. Dream big and pursue your dreams because one day they’ll come true.”

Alexandra Locke – Marketing Associate 

Alex Locke

“Keep working hard; people notice and appreciate when you put extra effort into your work!”

Christine Pietrowiak – Senior Architect 

Christine Pietrowiak

“Be more adventurous.”

Jessica Barbere – Project Scientist

Jessica Barbere

“A. It’s okay for a girl to go out and get muddy looking for salamanders and frogs. You will spend two summers of your adult life doing that for a job. Just leave the muddy boots outside and use bug spray. B. You get SERIOUSLY sea-sick. Re-think that ichthyology degree before you waste your freshmen year figuring that whole situation out. Yeah sharks are wicked cool, but you know what is even COOLER?!…Environmental regulation. C. Listen to your dad. He knows it is difficult for a woman to be in a science or engineering field; he has your back and always will.”

Jack Lupo – Project Scientist 

Jack Lupo

“Don’t quit your day job.”

Thanks for sharing your advice with us!

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