A Phase II Environmental Site Assessment, sometimes called a Subsurface Investigation, is a field analysis used to confirm suspected environmental contamination and, if necessary, to set the groundwork for remediation plans.


A Phase II Environmental Site Assessment, often called a Phase II ESA or just a Phase II, is a field analysis used to confirm suspected environmental contamination. If the initial Phase I ESA (link to ESA service page) reports suspected environmental contamination, a Phase II ESA is used to conduct further sampling and confirm the presence of the condition.
EBI’s Phase II ESA program allows clients to build a report that meets their own needs as well as those of any local or state regulatory agency with which they need to comply, including:

  • Soil & Groundwater Sampling & Analysis
  • Sediment & Surface Water Sampling & Analysis
  • Soil Vapor & Indoor Air Sampling & Analysis
  • Groundwater Flow Modeling
  • Indoor Air Vapor Intrusion Assessment
  • Contaminant Source Differentiation
  • Risk Characterization
  • Sensitive Receptor Surveys
  • State specific requirements, such as:
    • MA Contingency Plan (MCP) and LSP Services (link to relevant glossary page)
    • MA 21-E Site Assessments
    • New Jersey LSRP services
    • CT LEP services


Phase II ESAs are ordered by a variety of stakeholders in a property, often during a real estate transaction, as a result of site improvements and redevelopment, or in order to refinance. Banks and lenders may require a Phase II ESA as a follow up to a Phase I prior to lending on a property that has suspected environmental contaminations, or in the case of foreclosure when the lender acquires the property.

Property owners and investors may receive a recommendation for a Phase II in their original Phase I ESA but choose not to pursue the Phase II until they move forward with site improvement plans. Owners then use the information from a Phase II to inform their cost and scope planning.

Properties that most often require Phase II ESAs are those on which it was highly likely that environmental contamination happened throughout general course of business or operation. Sites like dry cleaners, gas stations and mechanics, industrial facilities and even gun ranges are likely to experience contamination and require further investigation.


Phase II ESAs are conducted by experienced Environmental Professionals such as biologists, environmental scientists, and environmental engineers. Some states have requirements for credential, such as Licensed Site Professionals (LSPs) in Massachusetts, Licensed Site Remediation Professionals (LSRPs) in New Jersey, and Licensed Environmental Professionals (LEPs) in Connecticut.

No matter your geography, you want to choose a consulting firm that has the staff you need to meet your site-specific needs with the experience to provide expert interpretation and recommendations.


EBI Consulting provides quick-turnaround, high-quality Phase II Environmental Subsurface Investigations, Comprehensive Site Assessments, and Baseline Site Assessments nationwide to derive critical environmental quality information for use in business decision-making.

Our team uses rapid field assessment measures to obtain faster turnaround and to manage costs. We understand the importance of preserving the evidentiary value of the data collected. In discussions with regulators and in negotiations with third parties, we serve as effective and experienced advocates for our clients. And if your project requires further investigation and remediation, EBI’s team will work side by side with you to create a custom action plan to achieve your site goals.