Black Rock Coffee Bar A&E Services

Portland based Black Rock Coffee Bar is dedicated to providing the highest quality of crafted beverage and service to their local communities.

Black Rock Coffee Bar A&E Services

Working with property manager, EBI provided architectural and engineering services to upgrade Black Rock Coffee’s 2,000 SF space and drive through within a newly constructed multi-tenant building in the Southern US. EBI worked with the Property Manager to prepare a preliminary construction budget and schedule and utilized Value Engineering when applicable.
EBI prepared a Schematic Design Package (SDP) in support of the approved Existing Conditions Survey. EBI used existing AutoCAD files to perform the existing condition verification survey of the newly constructed tenant space. EBI used any code compliance issues or deviations from the existing conditions were used for design and concept development and reflected by updating the SDP. The SDP included recommendation of design concept and appearances of the spaced based on the provided prototype and a schematic plan. All elements of the SDP were reviewed against landlord, local, state, and federal codes and requirements to ensure conformance.

The design concept was based on Black Rock Coffee Bar’s existing standards, design desires, and schematic designs. The concept included a defined appearance of the space including walls, flooring, ceilings, millwork and all finishes. Architectural systems, furniture, fixtures and equipment were also included into the design concept to define the scope, character, and functionality of the space.

Following the approval of the Design Development Package, EBI prepared permit drawings and submitted the drawings to the Building and Safety and Health Departments for the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ). This included but was not limited to ADA details, floor plans, power plans, finish plans, schedules, and MEP specifications. EBI managed the Building Permit process including the coordination of plan sheets and applications as well as follow up to address any comments from the AHJ pertinent to the Sub permit. EBI also performed regular construction administration in support of the approved construction drawings. This included onsite inspections, review of construction schedule, project goals, milestones, and deadlines in conjunction with the Property Manager, and assistance in acquiring the Certificate of Occupancy.

Services Provided

  • Architectural Design

  • Construction Budget Preparation

  • Schematic Design Package

  • Permitting and Entitlements

  • ADA Compliance

  • MEP Engineering

  • Construction Administration

Project Team

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