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Michael McGeehan

Executive Vice President, Strategic Account Management

Michael McGeehan began his career at EBI Consulting in 1998 as an Environmental Assessor, and was soon after promoted to Client Manager. Mike has managed and helped EBI grow several key client relationships and practice groups at EBI. Working out of EBI’s corporate headquarters in Burlington, MA, Mike is responsible for overseeing day-to-day operations and leadership of practices including Pre-securitization Due Diligence, Multifamily Agency Services, Subsurface Investigation and Remediation, Construction Consulting, and Acquisition Services. Mike prides himself in leading the team to facilitate the best solutions for clients, allowing EBI to become a trusted advisor, not just a consultant. He works closely with Sales, Marketing, and Operations management to maximize process efficiency, team collaboration, client communication, and the opportunities for innovation that set EBI apart. A life-long learner, Mike received a Bachelor of Arts in Environment, Technology, and Society with honors from Clark University, as well as a Bachelor of Arts in Geography. Throughout his career, Mike has developed extensive experience in commercial real estate due diligence and lending, and environmental and management consulting.

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