ABOUT US Quality. Collaboration. Integrity. Combining broad technical expertise with deep industry knowledge and a business perspective based on more than 30 years of experience serving clients, EBI solves challenging problems with a focus on creating business value. HISTORY




EBI Consulting provides environmental risk and compliance management, due diligence, energy use reduction and management, and engineering services to organizations seeking to improve operations, lower costs, manage risk and exceed stakeholder expectations.

EBI Consulting is known for the quality of our work, the business and technical expertise of our consultants, our professionalism and responsiveness, and the personalized nature of our services.

Our Team & History

EBI Consulting was founded in 1989 by Frank Previte and has grown to over 460 employees operating nationwide. Such a feat is not done without strong leadership and vision. EBI’s leadership team include highly trained skilled experts, business professionals and industry practitioners.


Corporate Social Responsibility

EBI Consulting is committed to implementing sustainable business practices, reducing energy consumption, and minimizing our carbon footprint. Our internal Green Office Program, “ALL in,” is built upon the understanding that our commitment to environmental sustainability encompasses all facets of our business operations and involves all of our employees and all parties in our value chain.


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